Sponsors- Get on board!!!!

The BBBRun is quickly establishing itself as a great Sydney event, due to its unique mix of community-feel and professionalism. It is one of the few events that incorporate wheelchair events, running events and family events together to create an all-inclusive community fun run.

Helping the community to be active, healthy and engaged.

The event has experienced considerable growth in the previous two years, with well over a 400% increase in social media following. This has been encouraged by our social media strategies and innovative ways we have reached out to our audience to enhance their interaction with the event making people part of the BBBRun journey.

But we can’t put this event on with the support of event partners.

We have had a large retention of partners, reflecting the value and quality that this event offers. We are looking to expand the numbers of partners. In particular we are looking for partners that share the values of the events, which are being fit, being active and having fun and are looking for a long term collaboration.


(and discuss ways in which we can partner)

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